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Jennifer Lopez

Shocking Blind Item: ‘Jennifer Lopez doet al jaren een Milli Vanilli’

jenniferHet is een blind item wat al jarenlang rondgaat op het internet. Elk jaar worden er meer aanwijzingen gegeven, waardoor het nu wel duidelijk is dat het over Jennifer Lopez gaat. La Lopez zou namelijk niet zelf zingen op haar albums, noch tijdens haar live optredens. Sterker nog ze doet al jaren een Milli Vanilli, dat wil zeggen dat iemand anders op haar cd’s de liedjes vol zingt en zijzelf de boel bij elkaar playbackt. Het is haast niet te geloven, maar toch zou het zo zijn. Hieronder en na de break het hele lange item, met de aanwijzingen van de afgelopen jaren. Schocking!

“Let me preface this post, by saying that if this story ever comes out, it would blow the music world up and shake it to its core. This would put the Milli Vanilli scandal and Ashlee Simpson SNL situation so far down the ladder it would be crazy. Towards the end of last year I had a woman come into my office and she began to explain what she had done and had been doing for several years and it was one of the very few times that I just could not believe what I was hearing. I know the music industry inside and out, and I had never heard of something so extensive and pervasive as this.

This woman (S) came into my office because the payments she had been receiving had stopped and she wanted to either get the money that was owed to her, or expose what she had been doing to the light of day. S is a sessions/studio/backup singer and is very good. Prior to her involvement in what I am going to describe, she made a very good living singing on commercials and being a backup singer for groups and other solo acts, etc. Like I said she is very good, but she does not really have that “look” which would make her a star, so record companies did not put her out front, but just used her talents. In late 2000, a man came to her one day and said he needed someone to record some demos because he had written a lot of songs, but wanted a demo to shop the songs to singers and record labels. This is not unusual at all and she had done this type of work before and it paid pretty well so she agreed. What was unusual about her recording of the demos was how much work was put into the actual recordings. It was extensive. Generally there is not much time put into the recordings because you never really know if the song will even sell, and the money spent on recording could be put to better uses. These demos she was recording were actually being treated as if they were going to be released on a CD or to radio. They even did some mixing which was REALLY unusual.

After a few weeks she had recorded about over a dozen songs and she went on her way and was really oblivious to anything else pertaining to it, UNTIL several months later she was in her car and heard her voice coming from the radio, only it was another singer being given credit. (We will call this other singer MV for Milli Vanilli) She could not believe what she was hearing and did not know whether to be excited to hear herself on the radio, confused about the credit given to another singer or just ****** off for the same reasons. What she did do, was to call the man who had originally come to her and had her record the songs. The man agreed to meet her and gave her a substantial sum of money and promised to keep giving her money every month as long as she kept her mouth shut. MV was taking off. (MV has/had several Top 40 songs and CD’s. They could have gone to #1 or languished in the 30’s. I really cannot go into much more detail or else it would be too easy to discover.)

MV was everywhere…on television, radio, awards shows, commercials, EVERYWHERE ..meanwhile, S continued to get money every month and kept her little secret to herself. The guy who picked S was VERY lucky. Most singers would have caused a fuss, but S has always been in the background and was resigned to the fact she always would be, and was very happy just taking the $$, and did not want that to stop. About 9 months go by and S is called by the guy because MV is going on tour and they want S to record some extra mixes and such for the tour. She agrees and does not really do much, but money is money.

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Fashion Crimes: de lelijke jurkjes van de American Music Awards

Vannacht werden er in Los Angeles de belangrijke American Music Awards uitgereikt, wat weer geweldige taferelen op de rode loper opleverde. Wannabe celebs, modellen (want die kunnen natuurlijk ook geweldig zingen) en meer van dat spul. De jurkjes waren weer erg opvallend en wij hebben de meest lelijke voor je uitgezocht. De touwtjes jurk van Jennifer Lopez was echt vreselijk. De zangeres presenteerde het geheel en dook van de ene jurk in de andere, tijdens de show. Hoe bloter hoe beter moet ze gedacht hebben, wij waren een ietwat andere mening toegedaan. Meer ellende na de break. (Source)



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Fashion Crime of the Day: het blote jurkje van Jennifer Lopez

Ze werd dit weekend 46 en trok zo’n bloot jurkje aan dat ze zo de tippelzone in kon. Jennifer Lopez dacht blijkbaar dat ze nog 16 was zo te zien. Het hele ontwerp ziet er gewoon niet uit. Veel en veel te bloot, en het schreeuwt om aandacht. Triest. (Source)


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Blind Item of the Day: ‘Ben Affleck deed ook Blake Lively’

affleckgarnerDe afgelopen maanden lazen we op de blind item pages alleen maar onthullingen over het overspel tussen Ben Affleck en Jennifer Lopez, maar volgens een nieuwe roddel zou ook Gossip Girl actrice Blake Lively achter Affleck aanzitten. Het is een beetje een opmerkelijke onthulling, want ook Lively is getrouwd (met acteur Ryan Reynolds) en als we deze roddel mogen geloven zou ook dat huwelijk snel over zijn, nu Affleck in scheiding ligt. Enfin, het is dus de enige die we tot nu toe over Lively en Affleck zijn tegengekomen, dus nemen we deze wel met een enorme korrel zout. Oordeel zelf.

“This A+ Lister is going through a divorce that will probably end up messy. He was caught having an affair with this B+ List actress years ago, and he fell very much in love with her and never got over going back to his wife to win an Oscar instead of following his heart. She’s been obsessed with him ever since, and even got married to make him jealous. She basically methodically plans her entire life around making him jealous. There are thousands of blind items all over the internet about what a closet nutter she is, even though she looks perfect to the outside world. Her husband, another A-list actor, knows this is the case and keeps her on a short leash after discovering some incriminating texts between the former affair monsters.
Now that the A+ Lister is available, the B+ Lister is in ‘snag him before someone else does’ overdrive. Her husband is on a promotional tour at the moment for a big project, and she is more than willing to put herself in the right place at the right time. She talks about what a perfect blended family they will be when they can finally be together. The Brady Bunch delusion is strong in this one. What does the A+ Lister think? He’s all for it. He loves her, and he’d call her right now if he wasn’t scared of a huge scandal on top of a scandal. The only thing he loves more than her are his political aspirations that are now in jeopardy. But he’s not above a well-placed phone call to her current husband in order to move things along. Expect to hear another divorce announcement in the next year.
A+ lister: Ben Affleck
Wife: Jennifer Garner
B+ list actress: Blake Lively
Movie: “The Town”
Husband A- actor: Ryan Reynolds”

Source en source

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Blind Item of the Day: ‘Ben Affleck heeft verhouding met Jennifer Lopez’

jenniferbenWe hadden het gisteren al over het vermeende gestrande huwelijk van Jennifer Garner en Ben Affleck, waarbij het stel zich prompt na alle nieuwsberichten gezellig als gezin liet fotograferen (hoe doorzichtig kun je zijn) waarbij er uiteraard werd gedaan alsof er niets aan de hand is. Helaas voor Ben Affleck draaien de roddelbladen en de blind item pages op dit moment overuren, met name over het vermeende overspel van Ben. Gisteravond stond er ineens een nieuwe online, waarin opnieuw onthuld wordt, dat Affleck al tijden een verhouding zou hebben met Jennifer Lopez. Ooit waren ze al officieel een stel, ging de relatie keihard uit, maar blijkbaar hebben ze elkaar een hele tijd geleden opnieuw gevonden. Al jaren gaan er geruchten over de twee en in Nova Scotia schijnt het stel zelfs samen onlangs, hand in hand, gesignaleerd te zijn. Op Jennifer Garner’s verjaardag. Ouch oh ouch. Hieronder het blind item en hier een foto van Affleck, stiekem vastgelegd op een beveiligingscamera in Nova Scotia. Geen wonder dat Jennifer Lopez nog steeds doet alsof ze een verhouding heeft met danser Casper Smart, die op zijn beurt weer van de mannen schijnt te zijn. Ze probeert dus al heel lang iets anders te verbergen. (Source)

‘You remember when he turned up in a small, out-of-the-way-of-Hollywood town not too long ago, for no apparent reason? He was trying to go undercover. Because it turns out, he was there with a woman…a very attractive woman… who is not his wife. They were seen holding hands at the hotel. But can you ever really hide? No. Not even out of the country. Not even by the sea. He ended up getting busted by fans and the local media got a hold of it. And the thing is, he told his wife that he was somewhere else. He and his companion have been having an affair for some time. Again? Of course it’s not the first time. He thought it wouldn’t get back to her that time in Oklahoma and that didn’t work out for him either. His wife forgave him then, as she always does, patiently supporting him as he works through his issues and compulsions. But he can’t help himself. When things are going well, he will always find a way to fuck himself up. And now, finally, she may have had enough. Has she had enough yet? It isn’t instant forgiveness. Then again, he’s not exactly working hard to put it back together either. The temptations are too hard to resist. Last time he set his reputation on fire though, it was easier to forgive. And she helped him rehabilitate his image. Could he come back from betraying the perfect wife, walking out on a perfect home, and breaking up the perfect family?
Couple: Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner
Place where he was recently caught by locals: In Nova Scotia on Jennifer’s birthday
What he was doing in Oklahoma: filming “To the Wonder” in 2012′


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Yay or nay: De doorkijk top van Jennifer Lopez

jlo2Allereerst: we love lace. Met name zwart kant, zoals veel gebruikt in de meest recente collecties van Dolce & Gabbana, is geweldig. Zelf hebben we er diverse items van in de kast hangen, gewoon omdat het prachtig is. Maar, moet je als 45-jarige nu echt een kanten top aantrekken, die geheel doorzichtig is, met daaronder uitsluitend een vleeskleurige bh? Daar hebben we toch iets meer moeite mee. Jennifer Lopez is geen 16 meer en eigenlijk een beetje te oud voor dit soort transparante outfits. Enfin, oordeel zelf. Yay or nay?

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Blind Item Solved: Huwelijk Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner dunzo

garneraffleckDe geruchten gaan lang, al heel lang. Zijn drankmisbruik, gokverslaving en constant met ex Jennifer Lopez het bed in duiken (Dat dus, al jaren), maar Jennifer Garner is er blijkbaar nu pas echt zat van. De twee zouden al uit elkaar zijn en een scheiding zou eraan komen. Het verbaast ons in ieder geval niets, na al die blind items die we de afgelopen jaren lazen. Hieronder de meest recente, die de relatiebreuk dus inderdaad bevestigt. Garner had toch echt bij Scott Foley moeten blijven, die was een stuk sympathieker.

‘At this point, almost everyone knows this couple is headed for a breakup. Child care and custody have been divided and payments discussed. I think maybe they each hold out hope they will get back together, but there are a lot of issues. Some, are kind of out there for the world to see. There is the womanizing and the drinking and the gambling. On her part there is that she expects things to be a certain way and is compulsive and almost OCD in her every day life. She can be a huge pain and it is not like she has a bunch of great recommendations from any of her exes. There has never been a good split with anyone in her life.

There is more though. It is his way of risking everything by taking huge chances like he wants to get caught. There was the former B+ list mostly television actress from the hit almost network show. They hooked up a bunch over a very short period of time and if he had left his wife then, there would have been an entirely different past two years that took place. She would much prefer him to her current. Not even close. There was the co-star he got pregnant. That was something that has continued to require a great deal of rug sweeping. Lots and lots. The co-star who got pregnant thinks she has everything under control on her side but when our star gets drunk he starts calling in the middle of the night and the co-star has a tough time explaining the late night calls to her significant other.
Oh, and speaking of late night calls. The odds on favorite to claim our guy should the split become official is his ex. Yep. That ex. The one you are thinking about. They hook up all the time. All the time. With her job prospects suddenly limited, she thinks this would be a great time to get back together. When she was with him, she was at her peak. It was because of the buzz that she reached her peak. She wants that buzz. She wants the flashbulbs. Hopefully he has more sense. Don’t even get me started on the dozens of dealers and part-time hookers that are in casinos that he has spent hours or nights with. Any of them could spill their story and make a few bucks. It is shocking that to this point none have. Maybe they all think he will come back to them.
Couple: Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner
Her past relationships: Scott Foley and Michael Vartan
B+ list actress: Blake Lively (Ryan Reynolds)
Pregnant co-star:
Ex: Jennifer Lopez (job prospects – “American Idol” being cancelled)’

Source & source

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Jennifer Lopez niet zo fris en fruitig meer

jennifer lopezNormaliter ziet Jennifer Lopez er altijd geweldig uit, maar vannacht bij het MET Gala was haar gezicht niet zo fris en fruitig. Verkeerde make-up, opvallend veel rimpels onder de ogen, La Lopez was niet op haar best. Geen flauw idee wat er aan de hand was, maar volgende keer misschien toch iets meer slaap voor de dame en andere oogschaduw. Kortom, ze is net zoals de rest van ons, daar kan geen botox tegenop. (Source)

Image hier klikken voor groot.


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Het nieuwe New York penthouse van Jennifer Lopez

Zangeres en actrice Jennifer Lopez telde maar liefst 22 miljoen dollar neer voor haar nieuwe optrekje in New York, maar damn wat een geweldig penthouse. Gelegen aan Madison Square Park, compleet met binnentuin en balkon, ziet het er retestrak uit. Het appartement heeft maar liefst 6 badkamers en 4 slaapkamers. Een indoor gym en een eigen portier. Damn, zo’n flat willen wij ook wel. Na de break nog veel meer moois.



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Blind Item of the Day: de nieuwe nepvriend van Jennifer Lopez

jenniferlopezHet was een aaneenschakeling van geruchten over Jennifer Lopez deze week. Haar nep relatie (alles voor de kijkcijfers en publiciteit) met haar vriendje liep op de klippen, dus moest er in allerijl een nieuwe sukkel gevonden worden. Of dacht u soms dat er echt sprake was van liefde bij J. Lo? Uhuh. Enfin hieronder het blind item waar alles in staat. Zo rolt men in Hollywood. Alles is te koop, inclusief dat nieuwe vriendje. Kuch.

“This multi-hyphenate’s PR team is more entertaining than she is! They have been working so hard to keep their star from being embarrassed this week that they are just throwing tons of hilarious fictional poop against the wall hoping that something – anything! – will stick. “They actually broke up earlier this year.” No. They were never really dating at all. That “earlier this year” comment was just an attempt to distance her from her fake boyfriend’s scandal. “She will not be performing due to production issues.” No. There were no production issues. She just wanted to avoid being seen in public for a while. When the uproar about her cancellation became too loud, those mysterious production issues suddenly evaporated. “She is dating a minor celebrity. It’s a new relationship.” The only accurate part of that statement is “new.” So new, in fact, that this fake relationship just happened this week! Here’s what happened: She needed a big distraction from the scandal. They could absolutely not admit that she is involved with her bodyguard, because that would result in its own scandal. Their solution: a new celebrity love interest! However, they had four big challenges. 1. They had to find someone really fast. 2. They had to find someone with whom she had some contact in the past year or two (to create a plausible back story). 3. He had to be famous, unattached, scandal-free, and unquestionably straight. 4. He had to be available for the next few months and be willing to latch himself to her in the middle of a scandal. They went through dozens of candidates in the past few days, but the pickings were very slim. They had to settle, so they got who they got. That’s who she will now be fake dating for the next few months. So, is everyone talking about her new relationship? Yes, they are! Mission accomplished! Kudos to her PR team. Seriously. They really earned their money this week… and provided us with great entertainment along the way!
Star: Jennifer Lopez
New Love Interest: Maksim Chmerkovskiy”



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